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Company formation, maintenance services and liquidation

Within the overall negative economic situation in Europe, more and more companies are striving to cut their costs and save their net income at affordable level.

The painful Tax times lead the managers to difficult decisions as well as to look for alternative tax locations for their companies.

During the past years Bulgaria has proven its stability and economy growth through disciplined fiscal policy and stable political environment. That statement is backed up by the favorable ratings provided by the leading Worldwide credit agencies.

Further on, and as an EU and NATO member, Bulgaria became a preferred “saving island” location for a number of top European and worldwide companies due to its 10% flat income tax rate (5% on dividends, 20% VAT), the quality of the human capital and the overall low cost business environment.

Due to the growing demand for company formation activities, we have developed our hassle-free entity formation and maintenance plans in order to suit our international customers specific needs.

Our company establishment rates start as low as EUR 250 inclusive of state fees. An yearly state maintenance expenses of EUR 150 should be considered onwards.

We can look after your local legal matters for a monthly fee starting EUR 300

If you would like us to take further care of your company’s financials, our bookkeeping services fees start from EUR 250/month